Play brings us together

Namespace was borne out of our founders’ shared love of playfulness, joy, and downright silliness, and we’re dedicated to finding it where it’s least expected. Our team members hail from the US, UK, China, France, Spain, India, and Ukraine, and between us have years of professional experience in product design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.

Our figures are being brought to life to lighten the collectible landscape and celebrate the positives in characters like Karen and Joe, because we think that always looking on the bright side makes for better play and better people.

Serious about having fun

We’re optimists, and are always looking for the best in each other, and the best in our work. That’s why our figures have been developed with sustainability and responsible ethical practices at the heart of the process. From the durability of the materials we’re using and the environmental commitments of our factory partner, to carefully designed packaging that reduces shipping and emissions, we’re making plans and products that last.

Support on Kickstarter

Don’t join QAnon or a Multi-Level Marketing scheme - you can join Karen’s inner circle and get involved in our Kickstarter campaign instead.